Video Chat With Team Brangus On Social Media

Video Chat With Team Brangus On Social Media

Bring the coffee shop conversations online! Grab a cup of brew, get comfortable on the couch with your laptop and start advocating for agriculture! Today’s blog features a video chat with Ben Spitzer, International Brangus Breeders Association marketing program director, who talks about the benefits of using social media for promoting your cattle operation to customers and the beef production story to consumers.

Not sure how to get started? Looking for tips and tricks for online advocacy? Check out this video on using social media to share the agriculture story.

From Twitter to YouTube, the opportunities are endless. What’s your favorite social media site? How do you use it to promote your cattle and educate consumers about beef?

By the way, I had the opportunity to also visit with Spitzer about what’s hot in the Brangus breed. Check out the four-minute clip below.

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