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Was Rep. Paul Ryan The Right VP Pick For Romney?

The Republican candidate for U.S. president, Mitt Romney, has announced his choice of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate for the White House. It was a decision that has both Democrats and Republicans buzzing.

Ryan is currently serving his seventh term in Congress, and he is the chairman for the Committee on Budget, as well as a senior member on the Subcommittee on Health in the Committee on Ways and Means. Some of his big initiatives have been focused on tax reform and Medicare, where his proposals seem spot-on, although perhaps a bit aggressive for Republicans, but which Democrats portray as harmful for middle-class Americans and the poor.

CNN describes Ryan as a youthful, “conservative Catholic, policy wonk, fitness freak” and a bold choice for Romney.

Currently, Romney is seven points behind Obama in the latest CNN poll.

Certainly, this election will bring forward many discussions on handling the nation’s deficit, determining the new direction for Medicare and deciding the type of regulatory environment the next four years will bring.

This week’s poll on asks, “What do you think of Romney’s VP pick?”

With 237 votes so far, 83% say Ryan is a good choice for Republicans, but bad for Democrats. Meanwhile, 11% believe he will help the Democrats in the election. The final 6% aren’t sure.

The discussion in the poll is hot right now, with readers weighing in:

“Bye, bye Obama!”

“Ryan is a poor choice for our nation; we need a positive leader with the good of the nation at the top of the agenda.”

“If Romney is so good with financial matters, why would he select someone who is also supposed to be good with financial matters? Romney must have a one-track mind and it is on the wrong track.”

“Obama wins!”

“I agree strongly with the VP choice! Let's stop entitling growing numbers of welfare recipients, including ridiculous farm subsidies financed off of our children's futures! Send Obama back to Chicago!”

Even though the numbers are overwhelmingly in favor of Ryan as a good choice for a running mate, the comments say differently, with strong opposing views on each side.

Will Paul Ryan help Romney in the election, or did this selection boost the Obama campaign?

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