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The Whole World's Watching

Today is the big day. I don't even have to say it, and you know what I mean. Today is the day America selects its new president. Today is the day ballots are filled in, votes are cast and poll results are blasted on every news station from Florida to Oregon. For those of us in the agriculture industry, the results of today's contest are yet to be determined. How will our new president-elect run this country? What will happen to our economy? What will happen to our industry? Will the ways we produce food and fiber be the same as before? What regulations will be placed on our heads? What lobbyist groups will our president listen to? And, will he hear the right voices to keep agriculture alive? Will he hear us at all?

Currently, I'm taking a course at South Dakota State University (SDSU) called International Media. In this class, we monitor the news from other countries to see how their press freedom differs from our own, how journalists' careers are lived much differently than those of us in the United States and what the major headlines are in other nations. It's one of those classes that makes you excited to attend everytime, so you can listen to all of the news that your classmates are discovering. For those of us in the class this semester, we are getting an extra dose of interesting media headlines. We have been monitoring what other countries are saying about our election. Some countries are indifferent, others have clearly stated their favorite candidate, many are just plain critical of the U.S. in general, and most are in favor that Senator Barack Obama will win in a landslide.

Yet, history shows that those "pre-assumed landslides" often turn into calculated battles, where EVERY vote counts. Yes, today is going to be an interesting day. Tension and energy is in the air; you can almost feel it on your skin. I'm anxiously waiting for the results, and so is the rest of the world.