U.S. Pasture, Range Conditions Dip Again

Government estimates on U.S. pasture and range conditions for the week ending July 15 indicate that the situation continues to worsen. Overall, in 48 states for the week ending July 8, USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service (NAAS) reports that 24% of states reported conditions as Very Poor, while 30% were regarded as Poor, and 28% as Fair. States categorized as Good and Excellent were 16% and 2%, respectively.

Last week, NAAS has reported that 21% of acreage was categorized as Very Poor, 29% as Poor, 29% as Fair and 18% as Good, with 3% as Excellent. The week prior to that, the numbers were 17%, 26%, 32%, 22% and 3%, respectively.

A year ago, those percentages were 17%, 15%, 22%, 35% and 11%, respectively.

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