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Natural disasters happen. Here’s how you can deal with them

Natural disasters are an unfortunate part of making your living from the land. But when the weather turns violent, it can leave emotional scars every bit as deep as the damage it does to livestock, barns, houses and working facilities. In the third of a three-part series, the Beef Roundtable looks at how ranchers can help each other and themselves deal with the emotional after-effects of nature’s violent side.

This edition of the Beef Roundtable, the third in a series, we continue our conversation about how ranchers who are affected by natural disasters can recover financially. In addition, we’ll further delve into the mental and emotional aspects of recovery.

Our guests are Jess Wall, a loan officer with Plains Land Bank in Perryton, Texas, and Dr. James Jordan, a psychiatrist and past medical director of the Hamm Psychiatric Clinic in Saint Paul, Minn.

In addition to being an ag lender, Jess Wall manages his family’s farm and ranch, something he’s done since he was 20 years old. Part of his 6,000-acre ranch was burned in the wildfires this March. So, speaking from both sides of the fence, Jess updates you on how ranchers can recover financially from not just the recent wildfires, but what they need to plan for should they be affected by any sort of a natural disaster. 

Dr. Jordan was president of the Minnesota Psychiatrists’ Psychiatric Society in 2010 and is the psychiatry representative to the Minnesota State Advisory Committee Council on Mental Health. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation. He is co-producer and co-host with Mary Hanson of both Understanding Depression, Hope Through Treatment and Understanding Depression: The Suicide Connection.

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