Farm Progress America, November 22, 2023

Mike Pearson takes a look at alternative proteins manufactured to look like meat and some legislation regarding it.

November 22, 2023

Mike Pearson takes a look at some legislation introduced to define what can be called beef and pork.

Last week, U.S. Senator Deb Fisher (R-Nebraska), introduced the Real Marketing Edible Artificials Truthfully (MEAT) Act.

It will be called the Real MEAT ACT and will help end what is described as deceptive marketing.

Fischer says “It’s time to end the deceptive propaganda of plant-based protein products that deliberately confuse consumers by mimicking beef and pork. My Real MEAT Act will clarify that these imitation products aren’t held to the same food safety and labeling standards as real, nutritious beef and pork. Americans deserve to know what’s on their dinner plate, and my bill will bring certainty to the supermarket and end the smear campaign against real meats."

The Real MEAT Act would clarify the definition of beef and pork for labeling purposes by requiring alternative proteins to clearly display the word “imitation” on their packaging. The legislation would eliminate the consumer confusion that results from misbranding and ensure that the federal government is able to enforce labeling standards.

Beef wording will be used for meat products used from a cow. Pork will be similar and so will meat, meat food and meat products.

Non-animal products will be labeled with the word "imitation" in the same size as the other product words on the label.

Various farm organizations have signed letters in support of the legislation.

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