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beef promotions from beef readers

2 Readers Share Their Successful Beef Promotions

Call me biased, but there’s nothing better than a chunk of beef off the grill. Lightly seasoned and seared on both sides, a tender, juicy steak is truly my idea of a perfect meal.

Despite record-high beef prices, many of our consumers -- here and abroad -- have the same feelings about beef and are willing to pay that higher sticker price for their favorite protein. Unfortunately, with all of the different cuts and cooking preparations, one of the challenges of our product is that the versatility of beef can also be very intimidating to those who don’t know how to prepare these options.


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I was pleased to hear from a couple of readers recently, who shared with me the ways they are working to educate consumers about beef and how to have a great beef eating experience every time. Here are two emails from organizations offering useful tips for consumers:

1. Gourmet Society Creates Fun Beef Cut Infographic

“Howdy Amanda! My name is Alex Thomas, and I'm currently working with Gourmet Society to educate people about the various steak cuts on a beef animal and what you can do with them. Of course, most people know about your standard cuts of beef such a rump and sirloin, but what many (not including yourselves) don't know is the awesome things you can do with the feet and even its head! So to get this education underway and to stop people making ‘misSTEAKs,’ we decided to create a fun, simple but extremely informative infographic that our readers and others would find useful! 

If you love this as much as we do, then please feel free to embed, share or just ‘mooo’ from the rooftops! Many Shanks, (I promise no more beef puns!) -- Alex

To learn more about the Gourmet Society and view the infographic, click here.

2. Home Wet Bar Blog Shares 5 Chef Tips For The Perfect Steak

“Hi Amanda, I was recently reading your article ‘5 Tips To Grill The Perfect Steak.' Born in Kansas and raised in Oklahoma, I come from a beef-producing family and recently wrote an article detailing every aspect of grilling the perfect steak. The blog is entitled, ‘5 Steps Pro Chefs Use To Grill The Perfect Steak.’

“Would you consider including a link or snippet from my article in yours? I believe it could really help those non-beef eaters, and even semi-regular beef eaters really learn to enjoy steak! Sincerely, Keith Winter,”

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

"Over the years I’ve honed my crafted and come up with the perfect recipe for grilling the perfect steak every time. I make my own seasoning and rubs, and always buy my steaks from the butchers counter. I know steak, and in the next 5 minutes I’m going to teach you how to grill a perfect steak every time. Grilling the perfect steak – the kind your neighbors wish they could – is all about basics. As you’ll soon see, less is more really applies to your summer grill."

I thought these were both really great examples of how we can all incorporate beef promotion and education into our day-to-day lives. If our consumers are confident in beef, they will feel more comfortable paying that higher price and eating it more often. Please share the infographic and the blog on your social media pages and with friends and family. Let’s keep the momentum from May Beef Month going well into June by promoting beef and all there is to love about it.  Thanks for your help!

The opinions of Amanda Radke are not necessarily those of or the Penton Farm Progress Group.


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