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A New BEEF Poll and One Big Burger!

100607-biggestburger-australiahlarge.jpg Competition. Entrepreneurship. Profitability. Sustainability. Economy. Business. These buzzwords are favorites of farmers and ranchers as they work hard to produce consistent, safe, quality products to feed the world. However, when the government steps in, producers have varying views on how involved it should be in their entrepreneurial endeavors. There is a new reader poll regarding competition and regulatory issues in the food-production business that I invite you all to weigh in on at

Here's the poll question: The Department of Justice and USDA are conducting joint workshops to discuss competition and regulatory issues in the ag industry. In your opinion, will the final result be: 1) Positive for the U.S. beef industry. 2) Negative for the U.S. beef industry. 3) Don’t know.

Head to the BEEF website at and vote today. Then, share your reasoning in the comments section of today's blog. I look forward to picking your brains on this topic.

Switching gears to a "just for fun" topic, did you hear about the 198-lb. beef burger made in Australia? It broke the world record for the biggest burger ever made, and it took 120 eggs, 150 slices of cheese and several pounds worth of condiments placed between a huge sesame bun to create. The burger itself took 12 hours to cook, and flipping it over on the grill was the major challenge of the daring chefs. Read all about it here.

Gate latch Finally, congratulations to Mark Hall, Tom Cone, Adam Jones and Robert Worstell for being the first to submit their comments in the first installments of the producer perspective series on BEEF Daily, where we discussed gate latches and stock trailers! Send your mailing addresses to me at, so we can get your prizes in the mail. Stay tuned for upcoming topics and chances to win fun prizes next week!