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Updates To BioPRYN® Blood Pregnancy Test Increase Reproductive Efficiencies

-Updates To BioPRYN® Blood Pregnancy Test Increase Reproductive Efficiencies

BioTracking LLC continues to improve its industry leading pregnancy detection technology for use in ruminant animals. Advances by BioTracking researchers have allowed the company to update the BioPRYN® blood pregnancy test to determine the pregnancy status of livestock as early as 73 days post-calving, reducing the wait time for pregnancy diagnosis post-calving by 17 days.  

When applied at 28 days or more post-breeding and 73 days post-calving, the new BioPRYN® test is more than 99 percent accurate when an animal is determined to be open. This accuracy provides producers with the complete confidence they need to return cows identified as open to their breeding program.

The new BioPRYN® test is now available through BioTracking’s affiliate lab network.  This network is the largest and most experienced laboratory system in the United States.  Trained in all aspects of the new BioPRYN® test and its application for beef and dairy cattle herds, each BioTracking affiliate lab can answer and troubleshoot any BioPRYN® question.

“Our industry-leading research expertise has allowed the days post-calving requirement to be reduced from 90 to 73 days. This also illustrates the commitment that BioTracking has in providing livestock managers and veterinarians with the most up-to-date and scientifically proven solutions available,” says Dr. Josh Branen, BioTracking’s Chief Executive Officer.  “In addition to our recent advancements, we continue to research other technologies within the blood based pregnancy market and other diagnostic tests – continually striving towards our goal to stay on the leading edge of diagnostic testing, to better serve our affiliate laboratory system and the producers and veterinarians to whom they cater.”

This BioPRYN® update will allow producers greater flexibility in utilizing the BioPRYN® pregnancy test post-calving, creating more opportunity to increase reproductive efficiencies in  herds by identifying open cows earlier than previously possible.

Based in Moscow, Idaho, BioTracking, LLC is a global provider of diagnostic tools to help improve livestock health and production.  BioTracking is the founder of BioPRYN®, a blood pregnancy test for cattle, bison, goats, sheep, deer, elk, and other ruminants.  BioPRYN® is available through a network of local, trained affiliate laboratories and offers a unique opportunity to detect pregnancy earlier, with greater accuracy than traditional pregnancy testing methods.