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Announcing The BEEF Daily Calves And Cowboys Photography Finalists!

More than 100 ranchers and photographers sent in their best photos to participate in the BEEF Daily Calves And Cowboys Photography Contest. After looking through all the entries, we have selected our finalists. From this pool, three winners will be selected to win limited-edition western art prints by Steve Devenyns, plus have their photos featured in an upcoming issue of BEEF magazine! Now it's up to you, the readers, to vote and decide who our lucky and talented winners will be!

Without further ado, allow me to congratulate our finalists: Becky Harrell, Jenn Zeller, Jennifer Reddig, Michelle Weathers, Averi Regan, Abby Namken, Sarah Anderson, Lynsey Frey, Katie Day, Kit Myers, Lindsay Murdock, Carol Abrahamzon, and Casey Hamilton.

To vote: The finalists are numbered from 1-13 (top to bottom); select your favorite photo by its number and leave your vote in the comments section. The voting will be open until April 21, with the winners to be announced on April 25. To view the BEEF Daily Calves And Cowboys Photo Gallery, link here.

Among The Rocks by Becky Harrell

At The DX Ranch by Jenn Zeller

Clay & His Calf by Jennifer Reddig

I'm Trying To Stand Up Ma by Sarah Anderson

Ricky Chasing by Katie Day

Sleeping Baby by Kit Myers

Victor by Carol Abrahamzon

Coastal Cowboy by Michelle Weathers

Cowboy Tough by Averi Regan

Hiding In Mamas Shadow by Abby Namken

King of the Mountain by Lynsey Frey

Teamwork by Lindsay Murdock

Watching Over The Herd by Casey Hamilton